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Strategic Property Investment Advisors and Development Syndicate Originators

Property investment has long been a first preference for Australians aiming to achieve long term wealth accumulation. This is little wonder, when more the twice the number of BRW Rich listers (Rich 200, 2016) identify Property as their source of wealth than investment in any other industry.

Rich list members did not get to be on the list simply by acquiring a few investment properties over their lifetime. To get to the top, they actively participated in value-add activities, growing both the capital value and income stream from properties under their control.

SK2 Property specialises in providing investors with access to value-add property opportunities. This can be through direct investment in properties with current or future development potential or involvement in development syndicates facilitated and managed by SK2 Property.

SK2 Property offers a range of property investment services, tailored to each client’s individual investment objectives.

Services include: