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Profitable Development Partnerships

SK2 Property are always on the lookout for Joint Venture partners for our developments.

We partner with:

  • Existing Landowners
  • Equity Investors

For Existing Landowners, a Joint Venture with SK2 Property can provide the development expertise and financial structuring that unlocks development potential and enhances financial returns from your existing property.

For Equity investors, Joint Ventures offer a streamlined investment exposure to development opportunities that may not suit the establishment of an investment syndicate. They can be an ideal way to partner with SK2 Property on projects which can offer an annualised investment return of 25% or more.

SK2 Property take pride in our ability to think outside the square. We have the flexibility to structure deals that suit the individual circumstances of each Joint Venture partner. The level of project risk and corresponding return can also be tailored to suit the partner’s investment style. Returns will be proportionate with the level of financial involvement by the partner and type of project funding sought.

Contact us today to discuss ways to partner with SK2 Property.